Here is how you can help protect America's Arctic today!


President Biden's administration is just one step away from approving ConocoPhillips' dangerous Willow Oil Project in the heart of America's Arctic. Let the White House and the Department of the Interior know you want President Biden and Secretary of the Interior Debra Haaland to continue to show climate leadership and reject this climate disaster. A final decision will be made on Willow by EARLY MARCH 2023! Don't delay taking the actions below!

STEP 1: SIGN your name to the letter for President Biden and Secretary Haaland.

To President Biden & Secretary Haaland:

I am writing to voice my opposition to ConocoPhillips' Willow Oil Project in America’s Arctic. The Willow drilling project is a climate disaster in waiting. Our window to act on climate is rapidly closing and every new fossil fuel project makes it much harder for us to do what we need to avert truly catastrophic climate change.

The Willow Oil Project is in direct conflict with to the Administration's climate and environmental commitments. Americans deserve a smarter, more sustainable energy plan that doesn’t threaten the health of Alaska Native communities or compromise future generations for the sake of profits. 

Approving Willow further enriches Big Oil at the expense of everyone else - especially at a time when scientists are urging us to rapidly transition away from fossil fuels. Even your Administration has admitted that it has substantial concerns about the Willow Project due to its impact on climate-warming emissions, wildlife, and Alaska Native communities.

It’s not too late to say NO to Willow - for current and future Americans, and for the wellbeing of the planet. I strongly urge you to direct the Department of the Interior to deny ConocoPhillips' Willow Oil Project by selecting the "No Action Alternative."  

STEP 2: CALL and record a message for the White House switchboard. Phone messages are more valuable than written messages and be quickly and easily recorded.

Comments: +1 202-456-1111

TTY/TTD: +1 202-456-6213

Use our script below:

My name is ____ and I’m calling from ____ to express my opposition to the ConocoPhillips Willow Oil project in America’s Arctic. I’m asking President Biden to keep his climate commitments, to take decisive action on climate change, and to advance environmental justice. I urge the President to listen to the deep concerns about Willow that have been voiced by  local Indigenous leaders, scientists, and even his own administration. Please tell President Biden and the Department of the Interior to say NO to Willow and to continue to put the American people over oil industry profits. 



STEP 3: SHARE the #StopWillow campaign on your social media channels. Find our #StopWillow Toolkit with talking points, facts, and a photo+video asset library HERE.

Or, copy the sample post below and click the images to save them.

President Biden is one step away from approving a huge oil and gas project in #AmericasArctic. Visit ProtectTheArctic.org/stop-willow to quickly submit your comment to the White House asking Biden to #StopWillow.

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WHAT'S GOING ON? | The Biden Administration has moved closer to approving ConocoPhillips' Willow Project in America's Arctic

Willow is an $8 billion oil and gas project currently being considered by the US Department of the Interior. The environmental review says Willow would open up an estimated 629 million barrels of oil, and produce up to 287 million metric tons of CO2 over the next 30 years - equivalent to the annual emissions of 76+ coal fired power plants. ConocoPhillips has told investors that approving Willow stands to open up 3 billion barrels of oil previously inaccessible to the industry - more than five times the estimate used to evaluate Willow's environmental impact. 

WHO IS DOING IT? | President Biden and Interior Secretary Haaland

Willow was first advanced by the Trump Administration , but later blocked by a federal judge due to insufficient environmental review. However, the Biden Administration is now moving it forward, despite commitments to make climate action a key priority, and despite objections from Iñupiat tribal leaders about the review process and their ability to raise concerns and ask questions.

WHY DOES IT MATTER? | America's Arctic is vital to Indigenous peoples, iconic wildlife, and global climate mitigation

The Arctic is already warming four times faster than the rest of the planet. A healthy Arctic stabilizes the jet stream, reducing extreme weather events like the 2022 blizzards and ice storms. It's an enormous carbon sink for the entire planet, mitigating the worst impacts of climate change all around the globe. It is the ancestral homeland of Indigenous Peoples who depend upon access to clean water and unpolluted resources for traditional livelihoods and food security. And it is vital habitat for American wildlife like polar bears, bowhead whales, caribou, and wolves. 

BUT ISN'T IT BETTER TO HAVE DOMESTIC ENERGY SOURCES? | Yes, but Willow is an investment in the economy of the past

Even if drilling started this year, Willow would not deliver energy products to market for at least six years or more. The carbon emissions of the project would cause at least $19.8 billion in climate change related damages. It is NOT a solution for current inflation and energy costs. It does NOT safeguard national security by building robust, long-term energy solutions. Approving Willow goes directly against President Biden's climate commitments and undermines his climate legacy. Instead, President Biden should be creating new jobs in technology and infrastructure for sustainable, renewable domestic energy. Drilling America's Arctic for more oil and gas is an antiquated energy plan that further enriches Big Oil at the expense of everyone else. 

OK! WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT? | Sign the letter to the White House and Department of the Interior and speak out on social media

Follow the steps above to send your comment directly to President Biden and Secretary Haaland. Just add your name and email to the form (don't worry, we won't add you to any email lists - it's just to confirm you're a real person). Once you've done that, leave a voicemail for the White House using our script. Finally, download the pictures in Step 3 to share on social media and tell President Biden to #StopWillow. Learn more at StopWillow.org