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The caribou move to find food, escape bugs, and to find a safe place to have babies. Free lesson plans for grades 3 - 8 




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Time is Running Out to Save the Arctic Refuge

Time is Running Out to Save the Arctic Refuge

Too Wild To DRill-1
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Too Wild To Drill: Journey to the Arctic Refuge in Virtual Reality

Too Wild to Drill, filmed with 360-degree cameras, brings you to the threatened coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge, an Arctic Gwich’in village, and the epicenter of oil and gas drilling in America’s Arctic.

This Is The Story
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Our Fight To Survive, Pt. 2

When the United States bought Alaska from the Russians in 1867, Alaska's indigenous people had already been living there for thousands of years. Alaska Natives have had to fight to keep their land, from the point of contact to present day.

What Is ANWR?
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What Is ANWR? Here's Everything You Need to Know About Alaska's Controversial Territory I Fortune

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has been the subject of political debates for the past 40 years.

Stand Up for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
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Stand Up for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, located in the northeast corner of Alaska, is one of the finest examples of wilderness remaining anywhere in the world.

Polar Bear Stands Her Ground
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Polar Bear Stands Her Ground to Feed Her Cubs | Life | BBC Earth

Competition for food is fierce in the Arctic circle, but this courageous polar bear risks her life to feed her cubs.

The Refuge | Fighting for a Way of Life
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The Refuge | Fighting for a Way of Life

For hundreds of generations, the Gwich'in people of Alaska and northern Canada have depended on the caribou that migrate through the coastal plain of the ANWR.

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Download our pack of 6 Arctic animals to color and share. Polar Bear, Arctic Fox, Caribou, Peregrine Falcon, Short-Eared Owl, or Sea Otter… Which is your favorite?

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The #ThinkArctic Podcast is about exploring the challenges and opportunities in the Arctic by shining a light on innovation. 

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Threshold Conversations features interviews with environmental thought leaders on important issues impacting cultures, communities, and ecosystems in the United States and beyond.

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  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land​ by Subhankar Banerjee
  • Arctic Wings: Birds of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge​ by Stephen Brown
  • On Arctic Ground: Tracking Time Through Alaska’s Petroleum Reserve​ by Debbie Miller
The Arctic Refuge faces being sold off in pieces to energy development as soon as this year, if we do not stand together to #ProtectTheArctic. 
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