Thank President Biden and Urge Permanent Protection

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one step closer to being saved. You can help ensure permanent protection.

President Biden gave an Executive Order on the very first day of his presidency to pause oil and gas development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This is worth celebrating! People from all over the world have supported NGOs and environmental policy groups, contributed to public comments, and written to their representatives to keep the fossil fuel industry out of the Arctic Refuge. But the fight is not over yet. We need President Biden's temporary moratorium to be made permanent. Write a letter or use the one below to add your voice to the call for permanent protection.

1. We will submit a letter on your behalf to President Biden! Fill out the form below to add your message. 

What should you write in your letter? American citizens should ask President Biden to protect their public lands in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Don't forget to include why the Arctic Refuge matters to you (climate, human rights, wildlife etc.)! International citizens should ask the US Government to take bold action and protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to reduce the impacts of climate change globally.

2. Spread the word on social media and ask your friends to help get as many letters as possible directly addressed to President Biden. Copy and paste the link to your social media profile: Https://www.ProtectTheArctic.org/take-action 

Post with a message like:

"The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is at too valuable to lose! Join me in thanking President Biden for taking action on his first day in office to protect the Arctic Refuge. Now let's make it permanent! Visit the @ProTheArctic link below to learn how you can participate and help #ProtectTheArctic!"

Additional Actions:

1. International citizens can email your Embassy in America and ask them to make responsible climate policy central to their American diplomacy agenda. Google "[Your Country] Embassy in Washington, DC contact." 

2. Move any banking, savings, and investments from financial institutions like which finance Arctic drilling. Ask your employer if your pension is divested from harmful oil and gas development. Search for green international banks HERE

3. Share your support for permanent protection of the Arctic Refuge to social. Use the hashtag #ProtectTheArctic.


Thank you!

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The Arctic Refuge faces being sold off in pieces to energy development as soon as this year, if we do not stand together to #ProtectTheArctic.